Keep Kilimanjaro Pristine!

In February this year (2019), there was information that the Kilimanjaro National Park was planning to install cable cars on Mt. Kilimanjaro. Since then, the tour operators and friends of Kilimanjaro have come up with the “Voice of Kilimanjaro” in order to speak up for the mountain since it cannot speak for itself. The slogan “Keep Kilimanjaro Pristine” is aimed at saying no to the cable car construction on the mountain.

Beside the environmental impact, Edson Mpemba also point out the economic impact saying, “Think of the ripple effect on families of the 250,000 porters”. In addition, there is also danger with the altitude sickness caused by going to high altitudes too fast leading to high altitude cerebral edema (fluid build-up around the brain), and high-altitude pulmonary edema (excess fluid in lungs).

One of our community members and sponsors, Merwyn Nunes (founder of Wildersun Safaris & Tours ), has presented a paper on this movement and his article can be seen on this page. If you’re looking to make an impact on this movement, then make sure to get involved and sign the petition by clicking the “Click Here” button down below.

Click Here Download Article by Merwyn Nunes